Who We Are

The Ossie Barnes Empowerment Foundation (OBEF)*, is a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Arkansas with a 501c3 tax exemption since February 16, 2017.


OBEF’s mission is to revitalize and improve underserved communities and the lives of the residents residing in them.


Our vision is to assist communities and residents in becoming self-sufficient and sustainable. Empowerment through information and knowledge is the foundation for success.

Our mission and vision are bold and challenging but, we believe with all our heart it is not only doable but achievable. OBEF’s process for achieving success is multifaceted. Our plan structure includes first providing a common place for the community, providing socialization, activities and events to promote unity among the residents, providing essential access to factual information and resources to enable residents to effectively address the needs and issues facing their community and make informed decisions.

What We Do

OBEF has achieved significant never before achieved goals in the Hensley/Woodson community, such acquiring the first ever community building in our history and establishing the Hensley/Woodson Resource Center located at 5204 W Hensley Rd, Hensley AR 72065, the OBEF Food Pantry. We have operated the Resource Center since September 2019. We serve Woodson, East, West Hensley and surrounding areas as a whole and equally. Everyone is welcome. As of March 2020, our main focus has been providing COVID relief and all that it entails. We will continue COVID relief as long as needed, providing social services, technical devices, WIFI and offices services such as printing, scanning, copying, fax and notary services. We aspire to publish a monthly newsletter distributed via EDDM through the Hwy 365 corridor. We provide these services in addition to our regular programs and services such as social services, food pantry, community and individual resources, and recreational activities focused on unity and inclusion.

We have also achieved other miraculous things that push our mission and vision even further. We have acquired a Mini Bus with wheelchair lift and a Fifteen passenger van. The biggest achievement yet is the purchase of our own property located at 24600 Hwy 365 S, Hensley AR 72065. It is prime property, 2.5-acre tract that is an entire block. It will have a 3-4 story Monolithic Dome on it that will house the Hensley/Woodson Resource Center and the corporate offices of OBEF. Because of the building’s design it will double as a community storm shelter, as the domes are nearly indestructible.

*Legal name: Ossie Elizabeth Gilliard Johnson Henry Barnes Empowerment Foundation